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Some Q&A to keep you on the loop

  • How soon must I cancel my appoinment?
    You must cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment date and time.
  • Do I need to provide any equipment for the work being done?
    No. Not unless you have some specific equipment you want us to use. We have all equipment needed to provide all landscaping and additional services we provide.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, certificates of insurance can be provided upon request.
  • If I do not cancel my appointment within 24 hours will there be a charge?
    Yes there will be a fee of 1/2 of the total cost for the service(s) scheduled.

Payments Accepted

Billing & Pricing 

We accept checks, money orders, credit cards or cash as forms of payment.

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel the work within 24 hours or you will be charged a fee of 50% of the amount of the work.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our work and customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. But if you're encounter any issues, please contacts us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

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